The Team

Our highly skilled and specialised Leftfield Advisors Team, select and manage all acquired properties. A dedicated professional team oversees each stage of the investment process, adding value throughout to optimise investment performance.

Nico Fourie – Co Founder

Nico has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the business from fundraising and acquisitions to structured finance and corporate strategy. He has deep, cross-sector expertise in UK property and multi-jurisdictional investment experience.  During a career of successful fund management he has developed long and trusting relationships with investors.

Giancarlo Lanfranchi- Co Founder

Giancarlo is a retail, industrial and commercial specialist investor and has received prestigious international awards for his developments. He has developed a wide and valuable network internationally that is of significant benefit to the team.

Ari Efstathiou – Co Founder

Ari has specialised in Retail Shopping Centre development. He has also amassed considerable experience on the residential, retail  and office development and investment fronts. His depth of property knowledge and network are a continued asset to Leftfield.

Our Independent Advisors

Dale Hartless

Dale has developed specialist structuring and financing skills working for global private equity funds. He has extensive expertise within real estate from direct property portfolios through to structured finance.

Roger Banks

Roger has a deep and extensive knowledge of commercial property management in the UK. He was Head of Property Asset Management at Tesco for 10 years and his considerable experience and network are an immense asset to the team.

Edward Hogan

Edward brings valuable real estate underwriting and portfolio management experience to the team, having worked for large-cap US private equity and Investment houses.

“We are an experienced team of specialists with proven investment and asset management success across multiple property sectors”